This is my first post in my first blog. I’ve always kept a personal journal, and people say a blog is just an electronic journal. But I don’t agree.  A blog is more like a clothesline upon which you hang out your thoughts for all the neighborhood to see.  I want to be honest about my journey as a seasoned AAC SLP, but I imagine I’ll reserve my unmentionables for my private paper journal.

Speaking of journey, I’m heading out for a speaking tour and, as always, I’m hoping that the words I say will be helpful, and true, and up lifting and even a bit entertaining.  Some days, I don’t think I can say the words “core vocabulary” one more time without screaming! But not today!  After watching a video about teaching nouns, nouns, nouns before core, I know all “core” people have to stay on message.  So, away I go!