This week, I’m in AdamLab LLC country.  AdamLab LLC was a part of Wayne County Intermediate School District, outside of Detroit, Michigan.   In order to serve children with significant disabilities, they created a low cost SGD (under $200 bucks) called the WOLF.   It was built on the platform of the Touch & Tell. That was in the mid 1980s.    At that time, children with very significant cognitive challenges were often not provided with SGDs because the sophisticated devices were considered too hard or too expensive for “those kids.”  The WOLF opened doors for many children and the eyes of many professionals.  I recommended a lot of them and through successful use of the WOLF, was able to advocate for most linguistically powerful SGDs (e.g TouchTalker). Being in this neck of the woods is making me think about CHANGE.  So much has changed in terms of technology, yet so much is still the same.  Technology has come a long way since the WOLF, but changing attitudes about AAC for children with severe disabilities hasn’t changed quite as much.   We still need to work together  – innovators and AAC professionals – to address the language and technology needs of people with significant disabilities. And we still have to look beyond price, platform, and performance expectations in order to provide every child with the potential for real communication power.