I never went to a summer camp as a kid…… but I’ve done my share of AAC summer camps as an adult.  I’ve done sleep-over AAC camps where parents drop off their kids, with prayers that their kid and all the AAC equipment, wheelchair, etc. comes back in one piece.  I’ve done day-program AAC camps with families involved in all aspects of the week’s activity, from cooking meals to performing plays to museum trips.  The point of all these camps was to provide a FUN atmosphere and teach someone something about AAC and communication.

It’s probably been 5 or more years since I’ve been at camp, but I’m dusting off my gear and getting ready to tackle a 3-day camp geared to training educational teams.   Even though the camp is going to be all adults, you still need to have FUN!  I’ve started to make piles of some of the stuff I need to remember to pack.  There are costumes, props, games, recipes, books, and ……. Did I say costumes?  Lots and lots of costumes.  0. Prep to Pack

One of the “skits” that is planned is Descriptive Teaching Jeopardy.

3. DT Jeopardy Board 4. DT Jeopardy Answer

  • “Alec, I’ll take Science for $100.”
  • “Rotate.”   (buzz in)
  • “What is, to go around or turn around?”
  • “Correct!”

Other skits include:  “The Queen of Core” – use core words or “off with it” (e.g., your head!) – and “America’s Next Top Modeler!” hosted by Tyra CoreWord-Banks! Contestants will compete and model vocabulary from Green Eggs and Ham!

Camp is a week away!  Hopefully, I’ll have some funny stories to share with you and some photos!

Meanwhile….. here’s what I want you to think about.

When you train adults on AAC, are you having FUN when you do it?  What we do is important, serious work, but we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously or be too self-important.   Make it your mission this summer to have a bit of fun teaching someone something about AAC.