I’m filled with optimism about the future of AAC!

For the past three days, I’ve been collaborating with a colleague (Kelly) who is one of the most creative, passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!   Kelly had me in awe as she shared her incredible wealth of “We’re-doing-it-every-day-in-my-school-district” practicality!  I watched the audience growing in enthusiasm as she shared idea after idea after idea.  There was a buzz in the air with whispered comments at the tables like “wow, that would work with my class” or “we could do that next week in summer school.”

Then, there are the people who have chosen to spend 3 days of professional development when they could be on summer vacation.  Across the board, I’M IMPRESSED!   First, because I see many faces in the audience that weren’t born when I started my career in 1977.  And those faces are enthusiastic, bright, and creative.  Next, I see colleagues who bring a range of experiences, talents, and insights to the party.  Their questions and comments show me that they are thoughtfully striving to provide quality, evidence-based AAC intervention.  Finally, I see teams – teams with SLPs, special education teachers, general education teachers, OTs, and parents!  It reflects the kind of multi-disciplinary collaboration that is the backbone of AAC intervention.

So, at the end of 3 days, instead of being bone-tired, I’m incredibly optimistic because ….

  • the message of core vocabulary is in good hands;
  • these good people are going to pass along what they’ve learned; and
  • we haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to the positive changes that are going to spread from teacher to teacher, family to family, and school to school!

Thank you for an amazing, awe inspiring 3 days.  My gratitude …… beyond words.