October in Florida is fabulous. It’s my favorite month. The weather has finally cooled off and the humidity no longer makes everything go limp or become soggy. I love October because doing therapy outside is now bearable. Can’t you just imagine sitting on a shady porch in an Adirondack-style rocking chair. (Infinitely nicer than many of the less-than-desirable spaces to which I’ve been consigned.)

Porch Therapy

The adults I support love sitting outside near the main entrance of their residence – close to all the in-and-out action! Familiar people swing by to say “hello” and visitors stop for a minute or two for a friendly chat. The communication partners are real, the topics are natural, and the quiet moments are natural.   It’s an ideal atmosphere to work on conversation and discourse skills.   We practice greeting, parting, making compliments, asking questions of others, and, of course, turn-taking.  But without the stress of expectations that come from sitting in a therapy space.

We are sitting outside in the rocking chair in the fresh October air …. no longer The Therapist and The Client. We are Two Friends, having a lovely chat on the porch.  Porch Therapy!   What a lovely way to work.